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Find below the best currently available books covering Malta and Gozo's colourful past, covering an extensive period from the dawn of civilisation to WW2. Many books are available at considerable discounts off normal retail price!

  Travel Guides Malta's History Books of Interest  


Malta's Ancient Temples and Ruts by Rowland Parker, et al

Malta: an Archaeological Guide by D.H. Trump

Population, Land Use and Settlement on Punic Malta by George A Said- Zammit

Isla de Malta en Epoca Fenicia y Punica by Pablo Vidal Gonzalez

Skorba: A Neolithic Temple in Malta by D.H. Trump

Malta - a Panoramic History by Joseph S. Abela

Malta 1565 by Tim Pickles, et al

The Great Siege: Malta 1565 by Ernle Bradford

The Knights of Malta by H. J. A. Sire

The Knights of Malta by Joseph Attard

Knights of Malta by Rosita McHugh



Fort St. Elmo - Malta by Michael Ellul

Hospitaller Malta, 1530-1798 by Victor Mallia- Milanes(Editor)

The Order of St Michael and St George in Malta by A.E. Abela

"Siege of Malta" Rediscovered by Donald Sultana

The Saga of the French Occupation by Charles J. Boffa

Malta, Britain, and the European Powers, 1793-1815  by Desmond Gregory

The Victoria Lines by Stephen Spiteri, et al

The Air Battle for Malta by Lord James Douglas-Ham

Battle Over Malta by Anthony Rogers

Faith, Hope and Malta GC by Tony Spooner

Torpedo Leader by Wing Commander R.P.H. Gibbs DSO DFC

Supreme Gallantry by Tony Spooner

The Second Great Siege by Charles J. Boffa

Malta: the Triumphant Years 1940-43 by George Hogan

Malta: the Thorn in Rommel's Side by Laddie Lucas

The Maltese Spitfire by Sqdn Ldr Harry Coldbeck DFC, Wg Cdr Laddie Lucas (Introduction)

Malta: The Spitfire Years by Christopher Shores, et al

Malta: the Hurricane Years 1940-41 by Christopher Shores, et al

Malta Blitzed But Not Beaten by Philip Vella

The 'Illustrious' Blitz by Charles J. Boffa

Air Gunner by Mike Henry

Malta Diary of a War 1940-1945 by Michael Galea

Malta Convoys, 1940-1943 by Richard Woodman

Malta Government Gazette 1939-45 by R G Evans(Editor)

The Battle of Malta by Joseph Attard

The Defense of Malta by Various

Malta's Heritage by Edward Romeo Leopardi

Historical Dictionary of Malta by Warren G. Berg

  Travel Guides Malta's History Books of Interest  
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